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Released new album Elsewhere
​by Keisuke Kishi

Keisuke released a new album Elsewhere.
​This album featuring special artists such as Nori Naraoka, Jun Sugiura, Rod Williams, Msafiri Zawose, Eishin Nose, Ben Paterson, Masaharu Shimizu, Calvin Johnson. They supported his project that he wants to convey what happened there and what we gotta do for Hawaii also how do we go next in this pandemic. This is our answer. The nature. The nature hasn't been changed even though we're in pandemic also they are abundant and they give us love and peace. It's simple.
We should live together with the nature as respect each other except violence and pillage. This album convey the answer is around you.  


Released new album
​by drizzle

​Keisuke Kishi and Jun Sugiura released album "Life"
This is the ambient Jazz sound music.
The band name "drizzle" mean spread sounds as the nature's mist as drift atmosphere. The drizzle spread on the glass can see existence is unrealistic also beautiful world. It seems like our music sounds.
This album "Life" can show "our life" in simple every day. It makes you chill and 

Drums: Keisuke Kishi
Piano: Jun Sugiura

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